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Bolnisi Sioni is the most significant monument of the ancient Georgian architecture. It is situated on the left bank of the river Bolnisistskali. The inscription on the top of the entrance to the cathedral tells us that it was built in 478-493. The Bolsnisi Sioni inscription is one of the oldest specimens of the Georgian written language.

Dmainisi - The site of Dmanisi (Eastern Georgia, architectural site dated early and developed medieval centuries) is located in the Mashavera River Valley which drains the Javakheti volcanic chain to the west of the site. It is located on the territory of the medieval town of Dmanisi which was an important stopping point on the Silk Route - a trading centre between Byzantium and Persia.

Dmanisi was an important city from early medieval time. Dmanisi found itself in the centre of the world attention. The remains of the oldest human beings were discovered. The excavations of the ruins of Dmanisi began in 1936 and were in progress up to1960. Beneath the medieval cellars archeologists found animal bones, this species is typical of Villafranchian faunas, which shows Early Pleistocene age of site. In 1984 first stone tools were also discovered and since this period Georgian scientists have been excavating the Pleistocene deposits at Dmanisi site and in 1991 were joined by German archeologists from Romish-Germanishes Zentral Museum.

Work in Dmanisi has now evolved into an international research project under the auspices of the Georgian Academy of Sciences, with participants of colleagues from Germany, the USA, France and Spain. In 1999 and 2001, fossil hominid skulls and jaws later described as Homo Georgicus were found at Dmanisi.

Day 1: Drive to Bolnisi - district of Lower Kartli and visit Bolnisi Sioni. Then visit to Dmanisi archeological site. Picnic. Return to Tbilisi.

Price includes

  • Transportation
  • Picnic
  • Guide
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