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Membership of the Club

INTERNATIONAL TRAVELER'S CLUB can join everyone - citizens of all countries of the world, adults and non-adults and people without citizenship.  Also all legal entities (organization) that will recognize aims of the club.

Members of the Club will have advantages while participating in the commercial tours organized by us. Also participation for members in non-commercial activities held by or with charity of the club will be FREE.

If you want to become member of our Club the only thing that you have to do is to fill in application form that will be available upon request by e-mail.

klubis wevroba


saerTaSoriso mogzaurTa klubis wevri SeiZleba gaxdes msoflios nebismieri qveynis moqalaqe an moqalaqeobis ar mqone piri, rogorc srulwlovani ise arasrulwlovani moqalaqe. Aaseve nebismieri iuridiuli piri (organizacia), romelic cnobs klubis miznebs.

klubis wevrebi isargebleben garkveuli SeRavaTebiT klubis mier organizebul komerciul turebze, aseve ufasod miiReben monawileobas sxvadasxva arakomerciul RonisZiebebSi romelic tardeba klubis patronaJiTa da organizebiT. isargebleben sxvadasxva bonusebiT.

wevrobisaTvis aucilebelia ganacxadis gakeTeba klubis direqtoris saxelze, romlis formasac dainteresebis SemTxvevaSi mogawvdiT meilis meSveobiT.

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