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Wherever You Want To Go... We Can Take You... ITC

 I.T.C International Traveler's Club

Warm Greetings

           The aim of the club is to unite those who are addicted to travel to do together the most pleasant things that are called - seeking adventures. Club subscribes everyone who likes active or passive holidays, adventures, extreme, mountains, marine, foreign culture and wild nature.
           To promote tourism in one of the most beautiful countries like Georgia is the main credo of the club. (have you gathered information about Georgia yet?) Consequently the club is organizing various traveling projects- tours. Holds seminars, assists organizations and individuals occupied with tourism to promote business management. Also contributes to travel agencies of various countries to assign contact information.
           The club founders and managers are working during the years in tourism business and obtained great experience in this field. 
           In recent years great interest was shown from other countries of the world towards Georgia. Setting tourism as state priority by Georgian goverment led us to decision of creating "International Traveler's Club" . Members of the Club (professionals and non-professionals) do their favourite job or hobby and with it they will contribute to development of tourism business in Georgia.
          "International Traveler's Club" offers you all kind of tour packages in Georgia, as for individual tourists also for travel organizations and travel agencies that are directed to work in new direction. At this stage we have corporational clients - Georgian travel agencies. 

Discover Georgia with us !

Georgia is the country of great traditions and its 

ancient motto sounds like- "Guest is sent by God” 

Welcome to our club and to Georgia !

                           Wherever You Want To Go.......

                                                   We Can Take You.... I.T.C

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