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About Georgia_Historical Maps

There were several early-state creations of Georgian tribes on the modern Eastern territory of Georgia in the IV cen. B.C. and they had permanent struggles for the leadership. Iberia, or Kartli, was a rich, densely inhabited country. According to the natural conditions, it consisted of two zones - highland and lowland. The population of the highland mainly was occupied with cattle-breeding, and the population of the lowland - with agriculture. In the cities of Iberia there lived merchants and handicraftsmen, but the important part of them was of the foreign origin - mainly Jews and Syrians.


Early Georgia in 600-150 B.C.



Georgia in 830-1020

Expansion of Georgia under David Agmashenebeli (1089-1125)


Georgia at the peak of her might (1184-1230)


Georgia in 1450-1515


Georgian status during Ottoman and Safavid expansion (1516-1555)

Independent Georgia (1919-1921)


Territorial losses during sovietization (1921-1931)

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