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SERVICES_Ice and Rock Climbing_The Suatisi Glacier

The Suatisi Glacier

The Suatisi glacier is situated on the southern slope of Eastern Caucasus in the snow-glacial massif of Jimara-Kazbegi. It sources from an altitude of 4450 m and flows down to 2500 m. The icefall is of 2000 meters and it is more than 6 km long. Suatisi glacier flows onto the Suatisi gorge. Like other glaciers the Suatisi glacier flows and therefore there are lots of crevasses of different depths, ice towers of different height from 5m to 15m and difficulty, which let us enjoy crevasse and tower climbing.  

Day 1: Arrival. Meeting at Tbilisi International Airport. Transfer to hotel.

Day 2: Drive to the northward of Georgia up to the village Abano (Truso Gorge) via Jvari Pass (2395 m above sea level), enter the Suatisi Gorge. Overnight in tents in the village Suatisi.

Day 3: Climb the Suatisi Glacier (3600-3800 m above sea level). Overnight in tents on the glacier.

Day 4: Enjoy climbing on the glacial towers of 5-14 meters height under the supervision of an instructor. Overnight in tents on the glacier.

Day 5: The glacier climbing through the crevasses of 10-25 meters depth under the supervision of an instructor. Overnight in tents on the glacier.

Day 6: Return to Tbilisi.

Day 7: Departure.

 Price includes:

  • Transfer
  • Transportation
  • Meals
  • Special equipment
  • Mountain Guide (Instructor)
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