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SERVICES_Wine Tour_ Sighnaghi (Kakheti Region)

Wine Tour

Georgia is the cradle of wine!

Eight thousand years ago, Georgian ancestors were one of the first cultures to domesticate wild vine, press out grapes and make wine. They came to believe in Kindness. They built chapels and sacrificed the best they had – wine and then spread its name all over the world. It was the beginning of Georgian civilization. Vine and wheat, wine and bread were laid down into foundations of consolidation, national consciousness and proud nature of Georgia.   

The history of Georgia, its culture and the rule of life are embodied in Georgian wine. It is a mystery of hospitality, friendship and longevity. The wine-making traditions pass from fathers to sons.

The Georgians have a special method of making wine in stone presses and then storing it in clay vessels buried in the ground. Even today many houses in the country have a wine cellar -called "marani" with a wine-press and underground clay jars called "kvevri". Unlike the European way of wine-making which implies the separation of juice from grapes after pressing, the Georgians keep juice and grapes together for some time before separating them. This is what gives Georgian wine its special flavor and strength.

Day 1: Arrival. Meeting at Tbilisi International Airport. Transfer to hotel.

Day 2: Drive to Sighnaghi (Kakheti Region), visit to Bodbe. Overnight at a family hotel.

Day 3: Join vintage called “Rtveli” in Georgia. Enjoy local hospitality and tasting of family made wine.

Day 4: Visit to winery, wine tasting.

Day 5: Return to Tbilisi

Day 6: Departure

Price includes:

·         Transfer

·         Transportation

·         Meals

·         Accommodation at family hotel

·         Guide

·         Beverage.

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