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Kutaisi – Vani


Kutaisi was a capital of ancient kingdom of Colchis. Today Kutaisi is a mountainous, buried in verdure town in Imereti Region (West Georgia) situated on the banks of the picturesque Rioni River. There are lots of ancient historical monuments, one of them is Bagrat Cathedral (XI century) – the ruins of the cathedral are spectacular. 


In 10 kilometers from Kutaisi, in a lush green hills is located Gelati Monastery founded during the reign of David IV Agmashenebeli (the Builder) in 1106. Gelati used to be a royal church and theological academy. The frescos of XII century are well preserved in the church.

Vani – ancient settlement dated back to the boundaries of BC and AD - was one of the main towns of the Kingdom Egrisi (Colchis). During archaeological excavations having been performed since 1947 were discovered the settlements of the old city of Vani, the ceramic fragments of VII-VI centuries BC, rich cemeteries, silver, bronze and clay dishes.   

Day 1: Drive from Tbilisi to Kutaisi (Imereti Region, West Georgia). Visit to Bagrat Cathedral (XI century), Gelati Monastery (XII century). Overnight at a family hotel.

Day 2: Departure to Vani. Visit to Vani archeological sites. Return to Tbilisi.

Price includes:

  • Transfer
  • Transportation
  • Meals
  • Guide
  • Family hotel accommodation
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