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SERVICES_Excursions_Sighnaghi - Bodbe monastery

Sighnaghi - Bodbe monastery

Excursion begins from Sighnaghi – one of the most attractive towns in the Kakheti region bordering the Caucasus Mountains from the north and Azerbaijan from the south. The site of the town offers wonderful views of the Alazani Valley - historical valley known as a rich viticulture part of Georgia.

Sighnaghi - a Royal town is surrounded by the defensive walls and towers. It is a beautiful example of the 18th century architecture.

Excursion is continued in Bodbe. Visit to Bodbe monastery complex. The Bodbe monastery is St Nino's monastery, built in the place where the Georgians' enlightener- St. Nino died. From 1889 Bodbe is a nunnery. Near the Bodbe monastery there is St. Nino's spring which has medical properties.

Price includes

  • Transportation
  • Picnic
  • Guide
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