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Abudelauri Lakes

The Abudelauri lakes as called by the local residents are situated in far north of the eastern part of Caucasus Mountains at an altitude of 2500m in alpine zones at the foot of the Chiukhi Massif.  Lots of legends and myths are connected to these lakes. The Abudelauri lakes are of transitive colors: one is colorless, others – of emerald and milk color.   Due to its location the trek to the lakes does not involve lots of energy and time.

Day 1: Drive to the northward of Georgia up to the village Roshka along Aragvi gorge. From Roshka enjoy 3-4 hour trek up to Abudelauri lakes (2500 m. above sea level). Overnight in tents at the foot of the Caucasus Peak Massif.

Day 2: Return to Tbilisi by the same route.

Highlights: Glacier and peaks of Chiukhi Massif (Chiukhi is a small massif of Eastern Caucasus Mountains) altitude of which is 3500-3850 m.  

Price includes:

  • Transportation
  • Meals
  • Special equipment
  • Guide

Additional charges are involved to rent backpacks and sleeping-bags and for transfer.

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